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Een land van kansen

Filmon moest vluchten uit Eritrea. Via een hervestigingsprogramma probeert hij nu een nieuw leven op te bouwen in Antwerpen.

Vluchtelingenorganisatie ICMC wilde via een korte web-documentaire meer aandacht voor de hervestiging van vluchtelingen (resettlement) in Europa.

Rachel Westerby (ICMC Europe): "We wanted to communicate the positive outcomes that resettlement can have for those arriving into Europe via national resettlement programmes, in this case in Belgium, and to ensure that previously resettled refugees can directly communicate their views and experiences. Hearing directly from refugees is a proven to be a very effective way of garnering support for initiatives of this kind, and seeing refugees in 'everyday' European contexts helps to dispel the common image of a refugee as someone who lives in a camp and receives aid. We work across Europe, currently in 18 different countries, so for us video is a really cost-effective way of communicating these messages as we can subtitle videos in any language."

Over de samenwerking

"We have worked with Emiel on a number of different projects since early 2012, in the main related to refugee resettlement, and our experience is that he knows the subject very well and is very committed to ensuring that the subjects of the films are able to contribute to developing the project and shaping the final product. He is very able to put people at their ease during what for some can be a daunting experience, and to explain the technical elements of filmmaking and script development in a way that is easily understandable to non-specialists."

Voor: ICMC

Jaar: 2015

Categorie: web-documentaire


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