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Importance of volunteers

Volunteers are extremely important for the Greek Council for Refugees, but they needed help with managing and coordinating.

But with the increase of the numbers of migrants and refugees arriving in Greece the amount of work increases and managing and coordinating became more and more difficult. That’s where the experience and knowledge of the Dutch Council for Refugees came in.

With a short video the Dutch Council for Refugees wanted to show the impact of their international work, which is to enable Greek volunteers to do what they want: help other people.

For this story I joined the Dutch trainers during their visit to Athens. This was the best moment because it gave me the option to not only film the Greek volunteers during their work, but also at one of the trainings.

The film (and training) are part of the project of the Dutch Council for Refugees to strengthening NGO involvement and capacities around EU ‘hotspots’ developments.


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